‘ANC Is Telling The Public It’s Fine If You’re A Fraudster’ – Fransman


Remember Marius Fransman? Yes, the ANC Western Cape leader who was ordered to step down after he was accused of sexual harassment. He said the actions and decisions of the ANC are making mockery of justice and telling the public that it’s okay to be a fraudster.

Fransman was commenting on the party secretaries recently reinstated when he made the remarks. As it happened, The ANC reinstated secretary Faiez Jacobs who was found guilty of assaulting a staff member, and was suspended for 18 months. His sanction was however, suspended for three years, implying that Jacobs is free to resume work.

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Also, the national disciplinary committee (NDC) reinstated Jonton Snyman, Boland regional secretary who was expelled after he was convicted of fraud in 2014.

Speaking, Fransman described the decision to reinstate Snyman as a joke. He said that the ANC is sending out the wrong message to the public. “They are telling the public that it’s fine if you are a fraudster,” he said.

Commenting on the turn of events, he said Jacob shouldn’t have been allowed back until the completion of the criminal case against him. To him, Jacob’s return is a “laughable, political joke. What message is this sending to the public? That it’s fine if you belong to a certain faction, therefore you can be absolved.”

He asserted that “It seems as if they say its fine for the secretary of the ANC to beat up people, to assault staff members. This tells the public that what is happening to me is a complete mockery of justice,” he added.

Fransman further stated that the mockery of justice “will affect the party in a negative way,” as he observed that ANC has “little capacity to lead us into an election. The only thing that can prevail is unity”.

Responding, ANC provincial spokesperson Jabu Mfusi stated that “the ANC Western Cape respects the decision of the ANC national disciplinary committee. We shall discuss our general overview internally at our PEC meeting and if needs be, we shall communicate.”

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