ANC Welcomes New Public Protector, Condemns DA’s Racist Undertones


ANC welcomes Adv. Mkhwebane’s endorsement as the new Public Protector condemning DA’s “smear campaign against her.”

On behalf of the ANC, Zizi Kodwa asserted that the party is gravely dismayed by DA’s claim that Adv. Mkhwebane isn’t the best candidate to hold the office of the Public Protector.

Describing DA’s reasons as “baseless and downright defamatory”, ANC charged that the DA must not be allowed to continue with its spurious and damaging public claims without providing evidence to support them.

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According to the ruling party, DA’s objection and its smear campaign against Adv. Mkhwebane smacks of racist undertones which regards any Black candidate before Parliament as incompetent and unfit until proven otherwise.

ANC indicated that DA reacted in similar manner during the candidacies of Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng and IEC chairperson Glen Mashinini.

These individuals ANC said, “have been leading their respective institutions with diligence.”

“DA is known to be anti-women and would go to great lengths to malign their integrity just to prevent them from advancing to positions of power.

We have witnessed the same posture in the Western Cape provincial government, where the DA shamelessly appointed an all men and mostly white executive.

We wish to join all patriotic South Africans in condemning with the deserved contempt the party’s malicious political campaign, whose real intention is not only to assassinate the character of a qualified and highly capable woman but to also to tarnish the crucial institution supporting our democracy.

These reckless dirty claims are being peddled with impunity without even providing a shred of evidence to back them,” ANC stated.

Thus, ANC demanded of the DA to retract the allegations and apologize to Adv. Mkhwebane and all South Africans.

Above-all, the ruling party highlighted that the new Public Protector holds all the necessary skills, experience and qualifications prescribed by the Constitution and the Public Protector Act to lead the important institution.

Also, ANC applauded Parliament for ensuring public participation, openness and transparency throughout the candidates selection process.

DA however, reiterated that Adv. Mkhwebane isn’t the best candidate.

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To them, Judge Sharise Weiner had the best interview. But, Professor Majola is the best candidate. The opposition party said it would be very comfortable with the Professor Majola as the new Public Protector.