Comrades Who Contest Elelction As Independent Candidate Will Be Expelled – ANC


The African National Congress (ANC) has sounded a note of warning to all members who have it in mind to contest for the coming local government election as independent candidates, saying they risk the possibility of being expelled if they do so.

The party has summed up its list of candidates expected to participate in the coming elections and has submitted them to the Independent Electoral commission to cross-examine.

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But it was revealed that some party members who are yet to become Councillor candidates are planning to stand in as independents and the party’s Kwazulu Natal chairperson Sihle Zikalala has warned them that such actions would only mean a personal decision for the individual to leave the party.

Zikalala said this while in Pietermaritzburg City Hall on Thursday evening to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the June 16 uprising. The event was organized by the ANC Youth League and the ANC in the province.

“If you see that your interests are above those of the ANC, then you can happily leave. If you stand as an independent you must know that you are gone from the ANC. You will have expelled yourself from the ANC,” Zikalala said.

Zikalala’s declaration echoes that of the party’s spokesperson Pindile Miza who resounded this warning following the information by two ANC Councillors from Mbashe local council who confirmed to the Daily Dispatch they would stand as independent ward Councillors.

Mbhashe’s ward 25 Councillor Nomzi Mndende and ward 16 Councillor Nokanyo Magatya confirmed they had both registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) as independent candidates following a fall-out within their respective branches over the process followed to choose ward Councillor candidates

The Dispatch reported last week that on the last day of registration, at least 26 ANC members in Dr WB Rubusana region, formerly Buffalo City Metro region, had registered as independent candidates.

“All those that have registered as independents have effectively expelled themselves. The comrades in question are no longer members of the ANC,” Miza said

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Meanwhile, Councillor Nokanyo Magatya defended her decision to stand as an independent candidate saying it was motivated by people from her ward who were not satisfied with the processes followed when compiling the candidates’ list.

“Branch members have voiced their frustration with regards to the list, two community meetings followed after those complaints but they both collapsed before there could be any resolution,” she said.

In reaction to this, Zikalala maintained that independent candidate who wanted to return to the ruling party would not be allowed back in as no amount of dissatisfaction should lead to party members standing as independent candidate, as this amounted to opposing the ANC.