ANC Ward Councilor And Members Join DA


Democratic Alliance (DA) today, welcomed ANC ward Councilor and members who abandoned the ruling party to join DA.

The opposition party asserted that they are the only political party in the country that is substantially growing over time. As the Western Cape branch of the party welcomed Mr Mzwakhe Nqavashe, ANC’s Councillor in Ward 40 in the Metro. Along with Nqavashe, the party also, formally welcome Mr Lindela Tshwete and Mr Neo Tshengu who joined the DA earlier this year.

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The ANC ward Councilor, as related, “decided to join the DA after he had become increasingly disillusioned with the ANC.” And is “now an aspirant candidate for the DA in the upcoming local government election.”

The Councilor at a press conference today, delineated that “during his tenure as an ANC Councillor, it became very clear to him the the DA is the only party that can deliver quality services and that truly cares for the poor.”

It was also related that a bishop, the founder of the Small Medium Business Council in Cape Town – Mr Neo Tshengu. “Whose father is the brother of the late Mrs Albertina Sisulu, recently joined the DA and is an enthusiastic activist in the Lagunya and Khayelitsha constituencies.”

The bishop, BuzzSouthAfrica learnt, said irrespective of his family’s strong ties to the ANC, that he can no longer be identified with the ANC. As he declared the DA his new political home.

And further disclosed that Mr Lindela Tshwete, the son of ANC veteran, Steve Tshwete, who joined the DA in January, expressed dissatisfaction with the ANC saying; “the ANC of today is not the ANC my father fought for”.

DA promised to continue working tirelessly to provide the people of South Africa with the government that they deserve. “More and more people in the Western Cape and elsewhere are uniting behind the DA,” the party claimed.

“South Africans are fed-up with Jacob Zuma’s ANC. They are fed-up with rampant corruption, cadre deployment, bad services and deceit. In the DA We respect that it is every individual’s right, and even duty, to belong to a political party that truly represent their values. In the DA these values are Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity for all. On these values we hope to build the future for our country,” DA stated.

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