ANC War Room: New Recordings Implicate ANC Officials


While the ruling African National Congress (ANC) continues to find evidence to prove their innocence in the alleged ANC war room smear campaign saga, a recently released recording goes on to implicate the party officials.

The released recordings revealed that some of the ANC top ranking officials – who claimed not to have anything to do with the war room matter since its emergence last week, – held several meetings at Luthuli House where they met with activist Shaka Sisulu.

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According to report from City Press, the recordings reveal the following:

    • The ANC war room was set up specifically to “dig” at the ANC’s opponents. the EFF and DA would be the two main targets of the War room.
    • It had been set up to address the problem that “the public discourse (in South Africa) was run by white capital.”
    • The initial R50 million budget was correct and not as Sisulu had claimed, “a figment of someone’s imagination.”
    • The recordings implicate minister in the presidency Jeff Radebe as the main orchestrator of the War room. All War room reports were reportedly handed over directly to him.
    • The recordings also point to the direct involvement of two senior ANC officials – Joseph Nkadimeng and Ingnatius Jacobs who both heard speaking in the recordings.
    • Jacobs (who chaired the meeting) was well aware of the War room but concerned that money from ANC donors may have been misspent.
    • Jacobs held meetings with War room members during the campaign to get feedback, but became frustrated when he did not see the desired results.

The war room was first brought to light by public relations expert Sihle Bolani, who took the party to court claiming she was owed R2.2 million for work done as part of the campaign specifically tasked with discrediting opposition parties, and pushing pro-ANC propaganda.

Bolani has since revealed explosive recording between herself and the ANC’s General Manager Ignatius Jacobs and other officials. But in response, both the ANC and activist Shaka Sisulu, another alleged ANC war room architect, tried to distance the party from the campaign.

“Their activities were not sanctioned by the ANC … We distance ourselves [from] any insinuation that any such campaign was known to or approved by the ANC,” the party said earlier this week when the story first hit the headlines.

Ignatius Jacobs, the ANC general manager who on the other hand, took just a first glimpse of Sihle Bolani’s “war room” report reacted by saying that the ANC heads towards bigger mess if the case is allowed to linger in court.

Detailed questions were sent to ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa on Friday afternoon but he is yet to answer them.

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Jacobs has also denied all allegations of impropriety against him through his lawyers, who also said he would “pursue a case of defamation” against Bolani.

“Our client has also written to the ANC leadership and indicated to them that he is prepared to subject himself to an investigation and disciplinary process,” his attorney, Mfana Gwala, said in a letter to City Press.