ANC Wants DA To Immediately Recall ‘Racist’ Zille For These Reasons


The African National Congress (ANC) in Western Cape believes Mayor Ms Helen Zille’s outrageous racist remarks have done enough harm than good.

The ruling party regretted that Zille, who ought to be a role model in the long-lasting fight against racism had been caught in the web of several racism rows.

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The party lamented that till now, the mayor has failed to understand the weight of her several racist remarks and the effects they had in the lives of the victims and South Africa in general.

To the ANC, “Helen Zille is a chief racist who does not value what this country is about.” And, she must be punished severely for undermining the unity at play in the country.

“Racism under Ms Helen Zille has been much deeper. It has been responsible for who is actually getting opportunities. Who is getting contracts, who is getting sub-contracts (and) who gets employed.

“Racism in the Western Cape has been responsible for who gets hired, who gets fired, who rises, who falls and such attitudes have livelihoods consequences,” the ANC added.

The ANC, as the opposition party in Western Cape alleged that since Zille took over power, her leadership has inevitably resulted in certain parts of Western Cape feeling like a certain version of Orania – meant for whites only – and against interests of a unified South Africa.

Reacting to a tweet by Zille, ANC indicated that the tweet received many backlashes because it posed a question about racial profiling at an upmarket restaurant in Clifton.

It was on Monday that a picture of a food bill with customers identified as “2 Blacks” went viral on social media.

On Wednesday, Zille tweeted: “Why is it ok to racially classify people for jobs, but not to identify people at a table by their race?”. She subsequently deleted the post after many backlashes.

Some Twitter users reacted thus:

Thembi Nkalishane wrote: “In any situation, as a leader, is this the best you can do or think?”

Moreki oo Modumo posted: “… How were you a leader when you still don’t get this? Why are you even in politics?”

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Kevin Dantu said: “Oh come on Helen. You are embarrassing yourself and your party. You don’t understand a transformation.”

Responding to the backlashes, Ms Helen Zille blamed “some people” for trying to promote hatred by twisting her comment. She reaffirmed her commitment towards fighting racial discrimination in any form.

Despite that, the ANC wants her recalled for biting more than she can chew.