ANC Wants DA To Leave Zuma Alone


As culled from SABC report, the ruling party has demanded of the Democratic Alliance (DA) to curb its enthusiasm and leave Zuma alone.

This follows the incessant call of the opposing party for Parliament to set up an Ad-Hoc Committee and investigate the president’s relationship with the Gupta family.

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To the ANC, it is early to involve parliament in the issue. Thus, the DA must stay calm, leave Zuma alone and wait for the office of the Public Protector already tasked to investigate the state capture allegations to come up with its findings.

They argued that it’s not sensible to get Parliament involved with the state capture allegations while Hawks and the office of the Public Protector are investigating it.

Speaking, Moloto Mothapo ANC’s Caucus spokesperson said ANC isn’t scared of the DA but simply insisting that due process must be followed.

“We do not believe that there is any form of controversy as far as we are concerned that is facing the President.

As the ANC in Parliament, we are not worried by any controversies as we have said in any matter that Parliament needs to debate. We are not shy for debating such a matter but there must be formal processes that are followed within the institution,” Mothapo stated.

Nonetheless, DA’s Chief Whip, John Steenhuisen insisted that the president must give a detailed narrative regarding his relationship with the Guptas.

“He keeps asking for his day in court. He keeps asking for the opportunity to put his side of the story. He keeps on saying he’s misunderstood and misquoted.

This would be a perfect opportunity for him to come before Parliament exactly like the British Prime Minister and the American President to account for his actions,” Steenhuisen stated.

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