Forget ANC, EFF Is The Deal – ANC Veteran Joins The Fighters


BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that a former ANC Veteran and League President, Sandi Sijak has joined the EFF.

Sijak according to reports, said the ANC has been captured by so-called leaders who were not even in the organisation during the historic struggle and that he’ll be handing EFF his votes.

He told City Press that he’s lost all hope in the ANC.

The EFF he said, unlike the ANC has failed to do, “are bringing about a certain measure of boldness, determination and non-conformity, which is necessary to bring about genuine liberation to South Africans.”

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Sijak ANC membership was terminated last year after he failed to pay a R300 fee.

Referring to that, Sijak said: “I know that I could have taken the decision to court and have my membership reinstated but then I thought, there is nothing to go back to in the ANC.

There is a need there to redirect the struggle which we lost. If you see people like Mbuyiseni Ndlozi (EFF spokesperson), that one is just like Duma Nokwe, who was one of the youngest, most brilliant lawyers of that time, who stood boldly and against… apartheid.”

Naming Blade Nzimande and Gwede Mantashe, he iterated that the leaders in the ANC now, only joined the apartheid struggle when liberation is at sight. These leaders he said, championed the downfall of the ANC.

Commenting on the credibility of the EFF leader, Juluis Malema as the former President of the ANC Youth League, Sijake related that Malema “was abused by ANC leadership, who wanted him to behave the way he ended up behaving in public…to serve their interests.”

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They also, “used him in corrupt activities like tenders and other institutions. Not for himself alone but also for their families and their children, because he was bold and outspoken he could go and represent their families in acquiring tenders.

You need to ask yourself why all this time Malema never was taken to court until he was expelled from the ANC, (it’s) because they were done using him,” the former ANC Veteran asserted.

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