ANC Veteran Sipho Pityana Devices New Strategy To Ensure Zuma Resigns


As the call for Zuma to resign intensifies, African National Congress (ANC) veteran Sipho Pityana said that if President Jacob Zuma fails to comply with the people’s wish, he will mobilise the public against him.

During a two-day ethics conference held in Midrand, Pityana spoke on the growing calls for Zuma to step down. According to Pityana, there is a strong view from different sectors in the country on why the president must resign.

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Nevertheless, he keeps ignoring the voice of the people. And now, Pityana has vowed to take the bull by the horn if the president continues to ignore these calls.

“If he fails to do that then I think it’s left to citizens to make their point clear that they’re not deserving of a leader that president Zuma represents. As a citizen of the country, I’m committed to ensuring that it does happen.”

In the bid to make it happen, the Pityana also called on ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) members to step in. In addition, he enjoined party officials to come out and support calls for Zuma to step down.

Meanwhile, ANC NEC member, Joel Netshitenzhe during an interview on Friday couldn’t decide on the matter. He appears to be stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. For him, he doesn’t know whether the president should continue to lead the party and the country.

Furthermore, ANC Veteran Sipho Pityana believes that removing Zuma is in the interest of the party. This is to avoid further damage to the image of the organisation. He added that the duty lies with all South Africans to join forces against Zuma before he wrecks the country.

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What Baffles ANC Veteran Sipho Pityana

What doesn’t seize to amaze the ANC veteran is the fact that a president who illegally benefited from over R7 million of public money is still in power.

Though president Zuma has now paid back the money for non-security upgrades at his Nkandla home, Sipho Pityana believes he must show more remorse by stepping down. And if he fails to do so, the society will rise against him.

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