ANC-Trained Thugs Ravaged Female Fighters In Parliament


The Economic Freedom Fighters says it will no longer stand back and watch female Fighters being ravaged by ANC-trained thugs.

EFF’s outrage follows Thandi Modise, the Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces’ order to remove EFF members of parliament from the house.

The party said the ANC-trained thugs abused a female member of parliament and caused her bodily harm.

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“Honorable Tebogo Mokwele has been rushed to hospital to attend to a broken arm as a result of the violence instituted on her by Thandi Modise,” stated the Fighter.

EFF said ANC wants to slide South Africa into an oppressive Apartheid-style state which cannot stand opposing views. Adding that it will never be silenced by the ruling party, the Fighters indicated that they have the right to defend themselves from violence and will do as such by any means necessary.

“ANC’s presiding officers will continue to sing for their supper in protecting the criminal Zuma in parliament at all costs. They will continue to militarise parliament in the same way the ANC has militarized the education system and militarized the mining sector, mercilessly killing 34 miners in the process.

“These thugs who were unleashed by the criminal Thandi Modise were even carrying guns which were witnessed by members of the house…(they) targeted women and violated them.

“We will be well within our rights to defend ourselves against this criminal and violent culture that is being promoted by presiding officers. We will not stand back and watch as our members, especially women are being ravaged by thugs sent by the ANC,” EFF declared.

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Afterwards, EFF asserted that the molestation of their members by the ANC-trained thugs is a “pure criminal act”. The party said it will be takin steps against the act.

Above all, the Fighters maintained that President Zuma is unfit to address a constitutional house because he’s violated the mandate of his office.