SA’s Love For ANC Remains Unwavering – Survey


Research group Afrobarometer has revealed in a recent survey that irrespective of what most people think, the African National Congress (ANC) remains the most supported SA political party.

Even though opposition parties have continued to grow stronger in South Africa, the ANC still maintained its popularity.

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The result of the survey which was made public at the University of Johannesburg on Tuesday night was carried out between 2 400 people showing that majority of the population still have faith in the ruling party and believe they would have retained the support of the people if elections were held in 2016.

Afrobarometer researcher, Sibusiso Nkomo predicts that opposition parties could however invade the large number of citizens who do not feel attached to any political party and steer them to their parties.

The study which comes just three months before the elections and at a time when political parties are canvasing for votes discovered an incraese in the supporters of opposition parties while the ANC remained the most supported SA political party.

“We found that most people intend voting for the ANC if the elections were held last year, but we also see an increase in people saying they will vote for opposition parties.”

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“The ANC will probably have fewer votes just to push them below 50% but then this means they will have to go into a coalition in the municipalities, so the bigger question becomes whether they will go in bed with the Economic Freedom Fighters or the Democratic Alliance.”

The study  argues that though the ruling party is facing difficulties and losing surpporters, opposition parties will face significant challenges in reducing the electoral dominance of the ANC in the upcoming local government elections.