ANC Still Operates The Old Soviet-Style Of Government – Kadalie


A Human Right Activist Rhoda Kadalie has criticized South Africa’s ruling African National Congress – ANC,  for adopting what she referred to as an  “archaic” system of government.

Speaking in a seminar hosted by the Stellenbosch University Business School in Cape Town yesterday, Kadilie said the Zuma-led government had reversed the potential of the country through corruption and self-serving politics.

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In her speech, the Gender Equity Unit founder, Kadalie said:

“The ANC’S problem is that it’s endemically difficult for it to change because it operates in a Soviet-style, pre-1994, exile liberation politics mode,” the Gender Equity Unit founder said.

“That [prevents] the ANC from getting with the programme, dealing with a global economy and a nation that, partly, has developed way beyond the ANC and its macroeconomic policies.”

Kadilie who also spoke on the fallen economy and educational standard in the country, said the country is faced with high unemployment rates but majority of the youths are too uneducated to be employed by both public and private sectors.

Recalling the controversial issues – the Nkandla saga, the Passenger Rail Agency of SA, the proposed nuclear deal with Russia and South Africa Airways that took place in the country, she said it is evident that Zuma was “impervious to criticism and an accountable government”

“We also have a culture of political intolerance. People are being fired left right and centre for expressing their opinions.

“President [Jacob] Zuma’s contempt for us was demonstrated by the unceremonious way he got rid of Minister Nene,” Kadalie said.

ANC is said to have been facing series of crisis leading to some of its members pulling out of  as a result of their dis contempt with the party’s performance. Among its recent issues is the party’s decision to dismiss of the Western Cape chairman Marius Fransman. 

Report has it that the provincial executive of the ANC executive in the Western Cape decided that Fransman steps down pending the outcome of an investigation against him for sexual harassment. Fransman had for a while now, been faced with alleged rape case which the court is yet to conclude on.

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