Pics: ANC Stalwart Mama Winnie Mandela Goes To The Polls In Style


As South Africans come out en masse to vote for a better tomorrow, ANC stalwart mama Winnie Mandela leaves for the polls in style.

Among several others, SA hip-hop star AKA is a part of the group organised by the ANC to escort mama Winnie to the voting station.

The August 3 municipality elections has been marked as one of SA’s highly-contested local government elections.

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As expected, a good number of South Africans have been queuing at voting stations across the country, determined to make their votes count so as to ensure a brighter future for South Africa and her allies.

During the final rallies in preparation for the much-anticipated elections, several big shots and celebs including AKA rallied around ANC. Thus, the ruling party closed off election campaigns with many celebrities in attendance, making the event colourful.

Meanwhile, hip-hop star AKA has always come out clean on who his vote is going to. He backed his decision up with reasons why he chose to support the ruling party and no other. Aside that, the rapper has also worked on mobilising his many young fans to be a part of the voting process.

The rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday to share pictures of himself with Mayor Parks Tau at mama Mandela’s. And the group looked ready to accompany her to cast her vote.

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AKA’s tweet read: “At Ma’m Winnie Mandela’s house to accompany her to her voting station. AMANDLA,”

His previous tweets about his support for the ruling party has been met with fierce criticism from fans. Nevertheless, the rapper remained unfazed, maintaining his political stance amid threats that his music will no longer sell.

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