Opposition 101: ANC Sends Members to learn Opposition from UK


ANC wants to be a better opposition party for the country. For that reason, it has quickly adjusted to being on the opposition benches and is now set to send out its cadres to the United Kingdom to learn from the country’s Labour Party how to function well as an opposition party.

This revelation was made by ANC’s Johannesburg branch during a gathering at its offices in the CBD. The party was having a talk on the first 94 days of the Democratic Alliance (DA) led administration in the City of Johannesburg.

Speaking, ANC’s Dada Morera upheld that the ANC has adjusted to being on the opposition benches.

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According to Morera, ANC has been approaching other opposition parties like the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) and IFP (Inkatha Freedom Party) so as to form a stronger opposition.

That is being done in order to gather support for community programs the DA may neglect, explained the ANC member.

“We’ve also been offered training by organisations like the Labour Party in England and we’re sending some of our party whips, our party shadow MMCs and our technical team to England at the beginning of the year to learn,” Morera revealed.

ANC also expressed that Maimane’s party has been ferried away from governing the metro by its obsession to expose alleged corrupt practices by previous ANC administration.

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President Zuma recently made a similar remark about the DA. He reportedly complained that the DA is distorting democracy and obsessed with corruption talks.

“All they know is corruption. We didn’t just talk about corruption we fight corruption. We have arrested many and fired many. They are trying to make it seem like we are corrupt. Where there is corruption we will fight it,” President Zuma said.

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