Tshwane Mayor, Msimanga Is Not Just Corrupt, He Is A liar – ANC


The ANC in Tshwane said the newly elected Tshwane’s Msimanga Solly is not only corrupt but also a blatant lair.

The ruling party’s chairperson in Tshwane and former mayor‚ Kgosientso Ramokgopa, stated this on Thursday during press briefing .

There, the former mayor said mayor Msimanga did not only lie to the public, he had also been appointing members of his family and friends in top positions in the metro.

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“One of the first public pronouncement issued by the executive mayor Msimanga upon his election was the banning of blue lights [motorcades]‚” said Ramokgopa.

Mayor Solly Msimanga became mayor of the city of Tshwane following the recent local government elections when his party the Democratic Alliance, entered into coalition with opposition parties to unseat the ANC.

Msimanga had since his assumption as the new mayor, embarked on what he called “a thorough transformation” of the  city which include undoing the corrupt practices of the former administration.

On this, the ANC Tshwane former boss said the newly elected Tshwane’s Msimanga isn’t what he present himself to be in the public. He alleged the mayor surrounds himself with series of wrongdoings.

“This exposed a glaring shortcoming of the mayor on the operations‚ powers and functions of the municipal council‚ since neither the executive mayor‚ nor a decision of the municipal council can give effect to such a decision as it falls within the competency of the provincial government to regulate such such matters.”

This comes after the Tshwane ANC members — some of whom have been charged with corruption following a forensic investigation into the city’s finances —  accused mayor Solly Msimanga of cadre deployment and corruption; following Msimanga’s decision to appoint Gert Pretorius as a “chair of chairs”, Marietha Aucamp as chief of staff, and Tiyiselani Babane as strategic executive in the office of the speaker.

Members of the ruling party in the city complemented their claims with a chaotic destruction of municipal property.

Ramokgopa said Msimanga had also lied by saying he would replace the BMW fleet used by former executives with cheaper cars.

“Mayor Msimanga failed to acknowledge that the BMW used by former executive mayor was in fact donated by BMW South Africa at no cost to the city or taxpayer for the duration of [my] term‚” he said.

However, Matthew Gerstner who spoke in defence of the mayor said accusations by the ANC were false and should not be taken seriously.

Gerstner denied that Tshwane’s Msimanga had lied to the public about anything and that he appointed DA members irregularly.

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He said the appointments the ANC were complaining about were political positions and that Msimanga had banned only the metro’s officials from using blue lights.

“The ANC will try everything to discredit the new mayor‚ who is clamping down on corruption and turning the City of Tshwane around‚” said Gerstner.

“Instead‚ the ANC should concentrate of bringing order and discipline to their own caucus. They should accept the results of the election‚ where they have been voted out.” he said.

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