ANC Says Its Ready To Deal With its Internal Issues


Not detered by the internal challenges that the ruling ANC has been facing particularly in recent months, the party says it is ready and able to tackle the internal issues it faces by first learning from its mistakes.

It’s no longer news that the ruling party is plagued with lots of internal issues most of which are caused by the selfish decisions made by the party leaders.

Yesterday, ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) member and former Presidency head of policy, Joel Netshitenze, called the attention of the ruling party to reverse a culture that has taken hold of the party since 2009 or face further humiliating deaths.

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Same was repeated by the South African Communist Party (SACP) leader Blade Nzimande who said the ruling party risked imploding if it didn’t change the way it elected leaders. He also explained that when Thabo Mbeki was recalled as president in 2008, the symptoms of factionalism were dealt with – but not the cause.

In reply to these calls, ANC’s Zizi Kodwa answered by saying the party had not relented in fighting for the unity within its members and it would continue to do so till it becomes normal again.

According to him, the party had already discussed problems around factionalism and selfish interests at its National General Council (NGC) last year and at other conferences before that.

We can’t set out the disturbances when people are more in support of an individual than the organization,” Kodwa says, adding that the ruling party takes Nzimande’s point about managing leadership change seriously, and the ANC is honest with itself about its problems.

“We will have to revisit that and see to what extent the current system of electing leadership is being abused.”

Speaking about the internal issues of the ANC, the party’s national head of campaigning‚ Nomvula Mokonyane‚ on Tuesday sought to distance the ruling party from the violence that erupted following the announcement of Thoko Didiza as its mayoral candidate for Tshwane.

She claimed that the current protest in Tshwane which has seen trucks‚ buses and law enforcement vehicles torched‚ shops looted and roads blocked and even lives lost on Monday and Tuesday were not those of “disciplined ANC members”.

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The unrest stems from the apparent imposition of Didiza on the Tshwane ANC branches‚ which had nominated current mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa or the regional deputy chairperson Mapiti Matsena for the post.

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