No Confidence Vote Failed: ANC Sacrificed Itself To Save Zuma And Gupta


The controversial No-confidence vote against Zuma has come and gone bringing yet another victory to President Jacob Zuma and a majority of his supporters in the ANC.

President Jacob Zuma survived his sixth motion of no confidence on Tuesday through the help of his supporters in the parliament. He survived the motion of no confidence with 177 yes votes, 198 no votes and 9 abstentions.

Though Zuma may be celebrating his new victory, it appears that the ruling ANC has sacrificed itself to save Zuma’s presidential seat.

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The no confidence vote against Zuma was supposed to be a golden opportunity for the ruling party to regain the people’s trust in itself by supporting the move against Zuma who has been blamed for causing harm both on the party and the country.

But the Tuesday’s event brought by the Democratic Alliance saw 198 Members of Parliament voting for Zuma to stay and 177 voting for him to go from a total of 384 votes. Nine MPs abstained from voting.

After votes were counted in full view of the chamber, it was deduced that about twenty-six ANC MPs voted against Zuma.

Looking at the outcome of the parliamentary vote, it is obvious that the governing party laid its lives down for the sake of its leader. Even though ANC MPs aligned themselves with  the opposition to unseat Zuma, the party still emerged winner retaining the majority in the House

In the debate on the motion of no confidence, a skittish ANC likened it to a coup d’etat and regime change by stealth by the opposition parties who brought the motion. All the ANC speakers in yesterday’s debate defended the ANC rather than the president.

Their role as representatives of the people who voted for them did not factor into their speeches even though public harsh criticism of corruption and state capture is at a fever pitch.

According to public opinion, the failure of the Motion of no confidence against Zuma spelt victory to Zuma and the Gupta family who Zuma allegedly sold out the country to.

Despite all the revelations of state capture spearheaded by the President’s patrons, the Gupta family have prevailed. The message to South Africans is that there is no accountability to the people and that we are in the vortex of corruption.

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Meanwhile, the President, Jacob Zuma has referred to the failed motion against him as a proof that the ANC is still strong and resilient.

He said that the result of the vote is indicative of the ANC’s ability to survive anything. This is the eighth motion of no confidence that’s failed.

“They believed they could use technicalities in Parliament to take over power from the ANC. It’s impossible” he said, adding that the ruling party’s strength will be revealed during the 2019 national elections.

“The ANC is there, it’s powerful and it’s difficult to defeat the ANC ” Zuma concluded.