ANC Members Humiliate DA Mayor Herman Mashaba At A Crucial Meeting


It was a sorry sight at the Orange Farm community on Monday when DA mayor Herman Mashaba was humiliated during a meeting with Orange Farm residents.

The meeting was scheduled to discuss burning issues like service delivery; land matters, and housing problems.

However, the well-planned meeting was dramatically ruined by a group of ANC supporters; who demanded Mashaba’s dismissal as Johannesburg mayor.

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Shedding more light on how it all happened, the mayor, who looked worried recalled that it was clear on his arrival that a small group of ANC members, transported in, were intent on disrupting the meeting.

He lamented that he was forcefully cut off from speaking to residents – who were willing to listen to him. In addition, he told reporters that after ruining the meeting; the group also marched down to Thetha FM community radio station at Eyethu mall; where they ordered two workers to leave the working environment.

According to Mashaba, the group alleged that the radio station often sidelines the ANC and its activities but gives maximum airtime and support to the Democratic Alliance (DA).

DA Mayor Herman Mashaba Lays Complaint

Speaking further, he opined that a reliable source informed him the protest was master-minded by senior ANC Johannesburg councilors.

However, he added: “I have written to the chief whip of the council, Kevin Wax; to initiate an investigation into the conduct of these councillors. I also call on the ANC leadership to immediately investigate what occurred today and take strong action.”

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown – of a truth, Mashaba is one DA mayor that has had enough troubles in the past few weeks after his swearing-in.

Two weeks ago, the newly-elected mayor was caught in a political row with EFF councillors during Johannesburg Council Sitting. The scuffle began; after some aggrieved community members demanded that Mashaba must pay R2 000 individually to over 100 EFF volunteers; who campaigned for the Democratic Alliance before August 3 local government elections.

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Last week, he was also caught in another standoff with Gauteng Premier David Makhura; after he threatened to take drastic actions against departments owing Johannesburg city some outstanding debts.

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