ANC Rejects The Investigation Of State Capture Allegations


The African National Congress (ANC) rejected a move to investigate state capture allegations, wails the Democratic Alliance (DA) party.

This was after the ruling party voted against a motion to establish an ad hoc committee to investigate state capture allegations in government by parliament.

Reacting, the DA lamented that “the ANC defanged Parliament to protect President Jacob Zuma”.

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The opposition party pointed-out that the ad hoc committee would have had extensive powers which will enable it summon any person. Such powers will as well, require any person or institution to report to it in order to be investigated, added the DA.

“However, the African National Congress closed ranks in a desperate effort to protect President Jacob Zuma, and the Gupta family, from any investigation by Parliament.

Even Jeremy Cronin, who is opposed to state capture, voted against the motion, rather like a member of the Communist Party, condemned to the Gulag, singing songs in support of Stalin.

What the African National Congress did was shameful. It’s that simple,” DA stated.

Delivering a speech during the state capture allegations debate, the DA leader, Mmusi Maimane argued that President Zuma didn’t invent state capture but perfected it.

He asserted that the President deploying loyalist to government parastatals was the first phase of state capture. And, the capturing of Jacob Zuma by the Guptas, the second phase.

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“Since Jacob Zuma assumed office in 2009, he has deployed loyalists to every lever of power and patronage. He has captured the parastatals to be looted through tenders and contracts.

That’s why we have Dudu Myeni at SAA and Brian Molefe at Eskom. (Also,) he has captured the institutions that keep him and his cronies out of jail.

This explains why Shaun Abrahams was deployed to the NPA, why Berning Ntlemeza is the head of the Hawks and why Tom Moyane was parachuted in at SARS.

That was phase one, in which Jacob Zuma captured the state.

We have now moved on to phase two, in which the Guptas captured Jacob Zuma. We no longer have a President, we have a puppet. Jacob Zuma is a puppet of the Guptas,” Maimane declared.

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