ANC Plans To Turn Black People Into Public Slaves – Mashaba


Johannesburg mayoral candidate Herman Mashaba said the time to vote ANC out of power has come because the party has failed to live up to its expectation in diverse ways.

Speaking to a group of people in Jan Hofmeyer, the Self-made multimillionaire businessman said,

“Make us understand that if we don’t deliver in the first five years, we’re out. Give us your votes with conditions. We really need your votes.”

“The ANC think they’re doing us a favour by servicing us. Please help us to make Joburg the catalyst to change the economic decline in our country.”

“If the current government does not work, how can Johannesburg be expected to work? he asked.

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Herman Mashaba said he broke ties with ruling party- ANC after former President Thabo Mbeki’s regime. He said he had queue in support of the party until Mbeki’s second tenure. But now, he has realized that the party [ANC]  has not bettered the lives of South Africans.

“People are demoralized by 21 years of empty promises. I don’t blame you for voting for the ANC in the last 21 years. You trusted them. I also voted for them, when Mbeki entered his second term then I decided that this was not the party for me,” said Mashaba.

He further accused ANC of trying to “turn black people into public slaves and make them inhuman” by depriving them the comforts in life. Mashaba was simply referring to homeless South Africans languishing helplessly in Sophiatown.

Sophiatown, is a town in the suburbs of Johannesburg widely known for its unconventional lifestyle and captivating music scene. Their music scene attracts people from across Johannesburg and has groomed great musicians who later went on to become big stars. The likes of Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masekela, started their careers performance in Sophiatown’s jazz clubs.

The town was one of the few areas in South Africa at the time where blacks were allowed to own land. However, about 60 years ago, the multi-racial town was raided by South African government which decided to make it an all- whites area.

Commenting about ANC rival movement #feesMustFall, Mashaba said that he saw the protesters’ actions as right because ANC failed to deliver its campaign promises on education. He also promised that efforts would be made to ensure corrupt-free election in the forthcoming election.

He boasted that the DA can still prevent President Jacob Zuma’s “bus from crashing into us”.

Yesterday, DA leader Mmusi Maimane unveiled the party’s manifesto during SONA debate. He also expressed happiness with the level of achievements the party has made in Western Cape. According to him, Western Cape is DA’s bastion and “It is a place where the DA government cut the perks and privileges of politicians.”

“Where the cost of ministerial vehicles was slashed in half, where blue light brigades were banned and economy class flights are the norm.”

“It is a place where over two-thirds of the City of Cape Town’s budget is spent in poor communities, and where the poor receive the most generous package of free water and electricity in the entire country.”

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