ANC Reveals Why It Chose The Country’s Biggest Stadium For Its Weekend Event


The African National Congress (ANC) is at it again. This time, the party has taken a bold step to host its supporters in South Africa’s biggest stadium this weekend.

We’ll recall that in April, the party flopped after it disappointed many South Africans, especially the party’s opposition groups, who mocked them for putting up an event that pulled few supporters during its manifesto launch in Port Elizabeth.

In fact, according to critics, its failure to garner numerous supporters indicated that it is apparently suffering from ‘supporters deficit’.

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However, ahead of the launching of its local government elections manifesto this weekend, the ANC in Gauteng says it will organize 1‚800 buses to transport supporters to the event center.

“As of today‚ 1‚700 buses are already full‚ with registered passengers and bus coordinators from every voting district in the province‚” Gauteng ANC said.

According to the party, the manifesto launch would be holding at the FNB stadium, which is the biggest stadium in the country.

Stating why the party chose South Africa’s biggest stadium – FNB, the ANC asserted via a statement that it chose the FNB stadium because it’s pretty sure their supporters would massively fill up the stadium.

“For more than four weeks‚ we have been mobilizing ANC volunteers‚ activists and supporters for regional manifesto launches.

For the past two weeks‚ we have been working on the ground directing all energies towards a successful provincial manifesto launch on June 4‚ 2016‚ at FNB Stadium.

The members and supporters of the ANC in Gauteng are energized‚ highly motivated and ready for the rally. We expect to pack the stadium to full capacity.”

The party’s assurance came after many people expressed concerns that the party might not be able to fill the stadium to full capacity having lost many of its supporters and confidence in most South Africans.

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Also, ANC chairperson Paul Mashatile also dismissed the views saying the party had enough support to pack the stadium.

However, as the D-day draws near, many fingers have been crossed, many comments have also been reserved. Importantly, opposition parties have widen their eyes to see how well the ruling party will thrive this time around.