ANC Persecuted Malema At Unisa But He Refused To Succumb


The ANC persecuted Malema while he was studying to get his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of South Africa (Unisa). Their intent was to destroy him. But the Economic Freedom Fighters’ lord refused to succumb to the agenda of his enemies.

Those were what Julius Malema told journalist after he was conferred with his degree. The EFF leader who graduated with a BA degree majoring in political science said he wanted to inspire others.

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And as such, charged South Africans not to be discouraged by the challenges they encounter in their journey to fulfill their dreams.

“I’m in charge of my destination and my journey,” he declared as he narrated how the ANC persecuted Malema during his Bachelor of Arts degree study at Unisa.

“There was a point I had to write exams, then afterwards go to court when the ANC persecuted me. Throughout that period, we had to study, at the same time go through the persecution and the courts.

Many of you will remember that we had to go through the DC (disciplinary committee) of the ANC while studying at the same time,” he recalled.

He further related that “Sars had to come and take the tables we were studying on. We had to go and look for alternative tables to study. The whole thing was just an intention to destroy an individual. I refused to succumb to the agenda of my enemies. I refused to allow my enemies to determine my destination,” he iterated.

Also, Malema disclosed that he’ll commence another study for honors degree in philosophy as the one he completed massively enlightened him.

We’ve completed a junior degree, we are now going to an honors. We will continue to study because studying is permanent…The more we read, the more we realize that we don’t know.

Those who do not read think they know. That is when a country becomes a problem because those in leadership refuse to accumulate knowledge,” Malema stated and called on South Africans to embrace education.

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