We Would’ve Axed Zuma, But People Will Demand We Recall His Replacement As Well – ANC Chief Whip


Wail all you like about Zuma, stir trouble as much as you can, threaten to burn down South Africa if you like. The ANC has vowed to disregard your tantrums.

They’ll stand behind Mr President and won’t be blackmailed into ousting Zuma as the leader of the rainbow nation.

Jackson Mthembu, the Chief Whip of South Africa’s ruling party said all the ZumaMustFall noise are a “political blackmail” of the ANC, and that the party wouldn’t pay mind to them.

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During a press conference in Parliament yesterday, the Chief Whip whipped all the anti-Zumas, but lashed the EFF more for insisting Mr President won’t address Parliament.

Chief Whip Mthembu stressed that the ANC has accepted Zuma’s apology as he declared that the ANC will continue to disregard the calls for the President to step down.

“We can’t be blackmailed by people to say that if the president doesn’t go, then there will be chaos. There is nothing in the Constitutional Court ruling that says the head of state must not speak in Parliament.”

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Mthembu made it clear that if the ANC heeds the calls for Zuma to step down, they will be continually forced to remove their leaders when such calls arise again in the future.

“Even if you have this president going because we have been blackmailed into chaos, you will have another one going because you will continue to be blackmailed. Where will it stop? Where will the political blackmail stop?” He queried.

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A pissed Mthembu wonders why other political parties will demand of the ANC to remove its President from office. “Who are you to tell us that?” He again inquired as he emphasized that ousting Zuma as the leader of ANC and South Africa wouldn’t happen.