ANC Intimidated My father Because They Are Scared Of Losing – Maimane


The leader of the Democratic Alliance Mmusi Maimane has accused the ruling African National Congress (ANC) of intimidating his family after former President Kgalema Motlanthe visited his father in Dobsonville‚ Soweto at the weekend.

Mmusi Maimane had during a public meeting in his hometown of Dobsonville on Sunday, questioned why ANC’s top officials including ANC Gauteng chairman Paul Mashatile and Motlanthe  had to visit his father Simon‚ who was formally an ANC supporter.

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Motlanthe and Mashatile were on the campaign trail in Johannesburg on Saturday when they reportedly paid a surprise visit to Maimane’s father who reportedly refused to speak to Motlanthe and the ANC delegation met him in private.

In reaction to this, DA leader Maimane said he wondered why the ruling party, the ANC felt the need to do this.

“Why do they feel justified in sending their heavyweights here to intimidate my family?” he asked.

“I’ll tell you why. It’s because they are scared and they are desperate. They can feel metros like Johannesburg slipping from their grasp‚ and they have run out of legitimate ways to stop this from happening,” Maimane said

Maimane went on to accuse the party of using “cheap stunts” saying nothing was off-limits even someone’s family.He however said this would not work.

“We are not intimidated. No amount of dirty politics will stop the change that is coming here,” Maimane said.

DA to Wrestle with ANC in the Coming Election

The August 3 polls are fast approaching and the DA has vowed to wrestle it out with the ANC in cities such as Johannesburg‚ Tshwane‚ Ekurhuleni and Nelson Mandela Bay.

Survey shows that the DA has gained drastically from the way the violence in Tshwane framed the ANC at the time.

The DA believes that government would be wasting money if it makes good on its intention to buy the president a new jet for R4bn.

The party has launched a petition against the purchase of the new presidential jet and report has it that this had strengthened Maimane’s profile.

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Mashatile however refuted the allegations saying there was nothing untoward about the visit and that it was just part of their electioneering campaign in the area.

He said Simon received them warmly, “he is an old resident here and we don’t want to cause strive in any family so we understand his position very well,” Mashatile  said

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