Did You Know ANC Offices Have Not Been Paying For Basic Services?


The Fighters have found another reason to draw out their spears against the ANC.

This time, they’ll be attacking the government and ANC for not paying for basic services like water and electricity for many years.

According to the EFF, the Provincial and National government departments, ANC provincial offices and Luthuli House in Joburg and Tshwane municipalities have not been paying for basic services.

The EFF pointed-out that all individuals, organizations are compelled by law to pay for all services rendered to them.

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“Government and the ANC are equally compelled to comply…The municipalities of Tshwane and Joburg under the corrupt government of the ANC have allowed these illegal defaults to continue with impunity.

It is our view that apart from corrupt siphoning of money from the municipalities, their other reason for their valiant elections campaign was to continue the cover-up of this corrupt administration,” EFF stated.

Also, the Fighters divulged that Luthuli House has never paid rates and taxes since moving into the building.

“…They have fallen behind by years on water and electricity bills and some of the government departments have not paid for more than 5yrs. These defaults have been kept under cover all along under the leadership of erstwhile mayors Parks Tau and Kgosientso Ramokgopa.

The EFF will push for an investigation on the matter and if it is found that indeed the defaults have been protected illegally, the two former mayors must be called to account and charged where applicable,” EFF vowed.

With the forgoing, Malema’s party called on the Municipalities of Tshwane and Joburg City to appraise the nation on the status of these accounts and take necessary steps.

“If it is indeed found that Luthuli House has not been paying for services, those services must be terminated with immediate effect.

The same fate must befall government defaulters too. It is irresponsible of the ANC to have subjected our people to termination of basic services, even the poorest of the poor, while they themselves have not been paying,” charged the EFF.

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EFF utilized the opportunity to reiterate its call for the scrapping of debt for services for the poor.

“The ANC has continued victimizing our people with terminations of services subjecting them to the most inhumane circumstances, in some cases leaving schools and other key institutions without basic services. Luthuli House must be switched off and the ANC must fall,” EFF declared.