ANC Is Not The “Ruling Party” In South Africa – Mboweni


Former Governor of South Africa’s Reserve Bank Tio Mboweni has declared to all who care to know that ANC is not South Africa’s ruling party.

Mboweni made this statement after former President Thabo Mbeki said in his letters that power in South Africa has never been centralized by ANC.

Mbeki who published his third letter on his Facebook wall said,

“It has therefore been stated as a fact that I centralized this power in the government presidency, the Union Buildings, and therefore government in general, marginalized the ANC itself from discharging its responsibilities as a democratically mandated ruling party, and created the possibility for problems emanating from the phenomenon of ‘two centres of power.’

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Mboweni felt uneasy with the term “ruling party” which Mbeki used seven times. He also believes that the term doesn’t really befit the political state of South Africa. He argued that;

“Political parties, by their nature, cannot ‘rule’, but ‘govern’ based on the will of the people. They are voted into power. They can be removed by the voters, the people.”

“Rulers on the other hand are not voted into power but inherit their positions from their forebears. kings, queens, etc. King Moswati, Letsie, Queen Modjadji, etc are ‘rulers’, monarchs for life. They are not voted into power,” wrote Mboweni.

Furthermore, he drew a clear distinction between rulers and governors. He said that political parties do not lead a country till eternity – in other words, they do not stay in power forever.They are only meant to take charge of a country and then leave for another party to take over.

According to Mboweni, monarchs on the other hand are the real rulers because their positions are mostly inherited. For this reason, they can stay in power till eternity. He said monarchs are “rulers” while political parties are “governors”.

“So, the ANC in South Africa is the current ‘Governing Party’ NOT the ‘RULING PARTY’,” he added.

Mboweni who couldn’t hide his feeling about former President Mbeki’s letter slammed Mbeki when he said,

“In volume three (3) of the Thabo Mbeki letters titled Yet another myth: Mbeki and the monopolization of power, the President makes the usual error that ANC people make. This really gets under my skin. Sorry Sir!” he said.

“Failure to comprehend this distinction can have severe ‘politico-psychological’ implications where people think they will ‘rule’ forever.”

Mboweni was the eight Governor of South African Reserve Bank and coincidentally the first black South African to occupy the exotic position. He succeeded Dr Chris Stals on 9th August 1999. Currently, he is the founder and also a member of Mboweni Brothers Investment Holdings.

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