‘We Need People Of High Integrity In ANC,’ Wails Ramaphosa


Our sweet Deputy President is not happy with the ugly image of his party. ANC needs high integrity individuals, he said.

He cried that his ANC is in need of individuals with high integrity. Such that wouldn’t succumb to the temptations of public office and take for themselves what rightfully belongs to the masses.

Cyril Ramaphosa was speaking at former sports minister – Reverend Makhenkesi Stofile’s funeral.

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He eulogized that Stofile was a revolutionary reverend and a revolutionary politician. “He was a principled political leader,” Ramaphosa asserted as he called on fellow leaders of ANC to be principled like Stofile.

To the Deputy President, being principled will enable the ANC leadership take responsibility for the party’s flop at polls.

Ramaphosa related that the deceased was worried the ANC won’t win Nelson Mandela Bay.

“As the results of the local government elections came in, his fears were confirmed,” he said.

With that, he charged that the ANC must work urgently and hard to clean up its mess.

“We must recognize, as he did, that unless the African National Congress acts with urgency and determination to correct the flaws that run through the organisation, to address our weaknesses, we place many of the gains of our democratic revolution at risk.

We are currently in reflective mode. We are listening, we are reflecting, and we are considering.

I guess I can say we perhaps needed to go beyond saying we take collective responsibility and actually say we take individual and personal responsibility as the leaders of the ANC,” added Ramaphosa.

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Thus, he declared that he has personally, accepted that he’s responsible for ANC’s fall. And, reiterated that ANC needs high integrity individuals.

“Speaking for myself as the Deputy President of the ANC” he said, “I am prepared to say I do take personal and individual responsibility. Now at this moment, perhaps more than ever, we need people of high integrity like Reverend Stofile.

Like him, we need people who reject the notion that politics is about the promotion of one’s own narrow self-interest.

We need people who will not succumb to the temptations of public office. Who will not take for themselves what rightfully belongs to the masses,” he cried.

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