ANC MP’s Are Mere Zuma’s Bum-suckers – COPE


Thus saith the Congress of the People (COPE) – ANC MP’s have sunk to the lowest moral and ethical ebb since Zuma took office. They are mere Zuma’s bum-suckers whose only interests are to save their fat cat salaries.

COPE made the remark while it was expressing its opinion about the upcoming State of the Nation Address (SONA 2017).

The party charged President Zuma to safe South Africa the pain of lies and deception by announcing his resignation on 9 February 2017.

This is because they are not expecting anything new, creative or innovative from the President when he delivers his State of the Nation Address on the aforementioned date.

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“Like others before,” COPE said, “it has the potential to be another damp squib.”

The party remarked that Zuma hasn’t announced anything “inspiring or visionary as State President” since his “ignoble inauguration in 2009”.

“Many of his promises have been vague in detail or simply disingenuous, to say the least.

After 7 years at the helm, the economy has been disastrously declining and our national debt has now breached the unsustainable R2 trillion mark.

Unemployment has been stubbornly high or worsened and abject poverty is wreaking havoc among the vast majority of our people because of policy failures.”

Afterwards, COPE declared President Zuma a “miserable ANC factory flop” saying he’s not capable of rescuing South Africa from the economic misery he and his deeply divided party created.

“Today, it is already clear that the targets of the National Development Plan are not attainable primarily because he has, wittingly or unwittingly,been sabotaging the hard work of a few of his trustworthy Ministers like Pravin Gordhan.

It is common course among right thinking South Africans that he is serving his personal interests and those of his corrupt networks of cronies and cares zilch about the daily plight of the poor people.

He has presided over, and led the charge, to degrade our national constitution and the rule of law under the protection of his party.”

With the above, COPE recalled that the Constitutional Court found that Zuma failed to uphold his oath of office in 2016. Adding that the court also found that Parliament has failed to execute its constitutional responsibilities, the party said:

“In a normally functioning democracy the President would have resigned, but not Mr Zuma. He has no shame or any moral fiber left in him.”

To COPE, Parliament ought to have been dissolved and fresh elections called. That, it said, wouldn’t happen with an ANC dominated parliament.

ANC MP’s are mere Zuma’s bum-suckers whose only interests are to save their fat cat salaries, stated COPE.

The party said it will repeat its principled protestation that Zuma is not a Honorable President and has failed the values of SA constitution.

“The honorable thing for him to do, two (2) days before the 27th Anniversary of the release from prison of one of the founding fathers of our constitution, the beloved Nelson Mandela, is to announce his resignation.

“He has grossly failed the proud and moral legacy of Tata Madiba,” COPE affirmed.

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Above all, COPE indicated that it will continue to work with all constitution respecting political parties and the growing number of civil society organisations to restore the promise of reconciliation, hope for all and a better life for all South Africans.

“We have to join hands together to Save South Africa from acts of ‘counter revolution’ which are sponsored by the erstwhile liberation movement led by Mr. Jacob Zuma,” COPE urged.