ANC MPs On Nkandla Ad Hoc Committee Are “Bum Suckers” – Cope


African National Congress MPs who were part of Nkandla committee have been labeled “bum suckers” by the Congress of the People (Cope). Dennis Bloem dubbed the representatives “most dishonourable members of Parliament”.

Cope’s member Dennis Bloem stated that the ANC representatives on the ad hoc committee, who were appointed to “process Police Minister Nathi Nhleko’s report on the excessive upgrades at the Nkandla residence of President Jacob Zuma” really messed up everything with their die-hard foolishness.

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Bloem slammed the representatives for being dead to their responsibilities and also for showing ignoble attitudes while the whole processes lasted.

“The manner in which they processed the report shows that they were bum suckers‚ not honorable members of Parliament alive to their responsibilities to the nation,” said Bloem.

Not ready to spare the representatives, Cope’s Bloem went blunt and enumerated the ANC representatives. They include: Cedric Frolick‚ Vincent Smith, Dorries Dlakude‚ Mathole Motshekga‚ Francois Beukman‚ Lindiwe Maseko, Mmamoloko Kubayi‚ Dennis Gamede‚ Elsie Coleman‚ Thandi Mahambehlala, Connie September and Beatrice Ngcobo.

Jeering and taunting the representatives, he further slammed them for adhering to no one, he claimed that the person they tried to cover has finally turned his back on them. [Reports said that ANC members have expressed their anger over Zuma’s adamance at reimbursement for Nkandla. They felt bad that police minister Nhleko was dragged into the case and his reports were discarded]. He said,

“South Africans should never forget what the dishonourable ANC MPs had to say. They listened to nobody and nothing. Now‚ they have been thrown under the bus.”

He also boasted that “Cope will make them eat their words and heap scorn on all 198 ANC MPs who lent their names to its adoption.”

He argued that “they even had the gall to report that opposition parties had ‘made up their minds even before the committee could start” with the procession of the report.

Bloem, who was defiant and brewing with anger maintained that, because of the “above group of most dishonourable MPs” foolishness, they  “arrogantly encouraged the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to take the matter to the Constitutional Court as they as ANC MPs were very ‘hopeful that contesting the matter in court would do them (EFF) good‚ as courts make judgment on the basis of facts‚ evidence and cogent legal arguments‚ not sloganeering‚ rowdiness and stunts’…

“They expected the EFF to get smacked‚ little realising they were going to be thrown under the bus by the man they were protecting‚” he said.

However, he argued that the representatives failed to brace up with the truth, thereby neglecting the very obvious. “Most infamously‚ the ANC MPs held that ‘the opposition has repeatedly claimed that the ad hoc process was Illegal and unconstitutional.”

“If only they had the good sense to recognize the truth and validity of that statement. They didn’t,” Bloem said.

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