Defiant ANC MP Makhosi Khoza Vows To Vote For SA Despite Threats On Family


Despite the life threats flying around Makhosi Khoza and her family, the ANC MP has vowed not to be used as another sacrificial lamb by self-centred individuals who only seek to put South Africa in their pocket.

The defiant and outspoken member of the ailing ANC who has long registered her discontent in her party’s leadership and failed promises to South Africa insisted she would do the right thing by voting during the parliamentary vote of no confidence in Zuma, not minding the order given by her party.

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She has come under fire within the ANC for supporting the secret ballot in the motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma next month and for saying she will let her conscience lead her when another motion is brought before Parliament next month.

In her recent comment at a debate in Cape Town on Tuesday night, Makhosi Khoza said her daughter and some other members of her family have also received death threats from unknown persons but she quickly added that this will in no way stop her from speaking out.

In addition to this, Khoza cited the political killings that have taken place in her home province, KwaZulu-Natal and asked Speaker Baleka Mbete to save the country from those trying to hijack it by doing the necessary to protect the MPs

“Even today, by the way, today, they didn’t send their threat to me. They sent it to my daughter, my daughter. And why should I die in silence?”

“We’ve had the judiciary’s office broken into and the NPA. Are all those coincidences? Are we operating in a normal environment? I want to say no, we are not.” she said, adding that she would vote for South Africa and the Constitution on 8 August.

Makhosi Khoza is among the track of people from the governing ANC who feel disgusted at the current condition of the party. However, they have been warned not to partake in the vote of no confidence in Zuma as was tabled by the opposition party.

ANC Chairperson Baleka Mbete categorically stated after the party’s National Policy conference that ANC MPs will not vote against President Jacob Zuma even as she is yet to decide whether the vote will be open or secret.

But, after her public support for a secret ballot, Makhosi Khoza said she is facing calls from within her party for her to be charged with ill-discipline.

“You can go through all those 20,000 or whatever of the Gupta emails and you will not find my name there and I don’t understand what is the concept of ill-discipline. One of the things that some may not appreciate is that the intimidation is real.”

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She told reporters afterwards that the ANC has yet to formally charge her but she charged her fellow members of the parliament to join her in rescuing the country from wolves by voting with their conscience.


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