Coalition Dialogue: ANC Limpopo Extends Invitation To Opposition Groups


The ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) says it is ready to form coalition with either opposition party in Mookgophong in Limpopo.

According to Limpopo premier, Stanley Mathabatha, “The ANC is a very democratic organisation. If you look at the policies of all the three parties‚ (they) are actually emanating from the ANC‚ unlike those of the EFF and DA where they are like water and paraffin.”

Mathabatha added that ANC is a flexible party‚ which will not hesitate to enter a coalition with anyone taking the same route with it.

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A recently merged results released at the Polokwane IEC centre in Limpopo showed the ANC  pooled 49% of votes, the Democratic Alliance garnered 29% while the Economic Freedom Fighters just got 20% of votes.

In the Municipality, 13 seats were won by the ruling party‚ the DA has seven seats to itself; the EFF has six seats while the Freedom Front Plus has just two seats.

Meanwhile, the DA has re-emphasized that it won’t be forming a coalition with the ANC but would rather consider alliances with smaller political parties.

Speaking at the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) National Results Operation Centre on Thursday‚ DA federal executive chairman James Selfe gave the party’s reason for declining to form alliance withe the ANC.

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Selfe disclosed there are other parties which the DA can form a coalition with once the results are finally out.

“I think probably not the ANC because we asked South Africans to vote for change‚ change that creates jobs and cuts corruption and that does not involve the current incumbency because they are the people that have not created the jobs and have caused corruption.

We think we will land up as the majority party there and we believe that if we don’t get the outright majority‚ we can form a government there with other minority parties. Everybody assumes that we are going into coalition with the EFF and that is not necessarily the case as there are other parties which we can go into a coalition with‚” he added.

The opposition party chairman expressed confidence that the DA will win massively in this year’s municipal elections.

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