ANC Game Of Thrones: Even Minister Lindiwe Is Eyeing Zuma’s Presidential Seat


The ANC game of throne seems to be getting hotter each day that draws us closer to the elective conference that will see a rise of a new party leader in the ANC.

Aside from popular endorsement of both the deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa and the former ANC commission chair, Dlamini-Zuma, a new dark horse seems to have emerged as a possible leader of the party, surprisingly, that person happens to be the Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu.

Apparently, Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has gained supporters in hopes of emerging the winner in the ANC game of throne in order to succeed President Jacob Zuma as the next ANC leader.

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Her supporters campaigned to have her take over the ANC’s top job when the party goes to its national elective congress in December and as their support gains momentum in ANC structures, they believe she would be better off than Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma who Zuma had already publicly endorsed.

Sisulu’s endorsement to join the ANC game of throne comes after the party’s women wing called for more women to join politics and for the party to give more rooms for women to be included in government.

Unlike other ANC presidential candidates, Sisulu’s supporters say she is the most credible candidate and someone who can unite the party before the 2019 national elections.

They argue that Dlamini-Zuma’s association with Zuma and the Gupta family rules her out as a credible candidate. Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa is not the right person for the job either because of his alleged involvement in the Marikana massacre.

The Marikana commission of inquiry cleared Ramaphosa, who was a Lonmin shareholder at the time, of playing a role in authorizing the killing of 34 miners on August 16, 2012.

“To win the elections in 2019, the ANC needs someone like Sisulu, who doesn’t have any scandal to her name and does not belong to any faction in the ANC,” said one of her lobbyists, who asked to remain anonymous.

She said there is a process in place in the ANC Eye of the Needle policy document which details. It details what kind of processes that must be undergone in electing a leader. It’s a very rigorous process.

If that process is followed, the best person would emerge and that person would be a woman, she said, adding that she believes  I that when the ANC find the right candidate, it will be a woman.

“Not that we are looking for a woman. I am convinced that among the crop of people ready to lead this country is an equal number of men and … women.”

Sisulu’s supporters believe her clean record in government and the experience she has gained since 1994 puts her in pole position.

She has been in six different departments — defense, intelligence, home affairs, public service and administration and human settlements. She understands the evolution of this government. She was the head of the intelligence committee during Codesa the Convention on a Democratic South Africa

With all these, her supporters believe she would do well in the ANC game of throne and would win as party leader and possibly South Africa’s future president come 2019.

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Meanwhile, President Jacob Zuma has been popularly accused of dragging the ANC down with him.

Political analysts say Zuma has so effectively asset-stripped the institutional capability of the presidency that even if he wanted to give expression to powerful ideas to rekindle his political fortunes, he does not have the wherewithal around him to do so.

Neither Zuma nor his party has done anything to rock the boat or reclaim the political ground lost to their internal and external opponents.

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