ANC Members Are Fighting Each Other And Vandalizing ANC Properties


Let’s check out what the good book is saying about ANC’s state of utter confusion and disorder – “If a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand…And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

There’s no doubt about the ANC being divided against itself and the ANC members vandalizing the party’s regional office in Arcadia, the disarray in Horseshoe township, Kokstad where the Party’s two factions physically combated each other, along with the infamous baring of buttocks by some disgruntled gentle-ladies of the party in protest are all indication that the ANC house is jumbled.

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The week commenced with ANC members in Kokstad warring and beating the demon out of each-other just to decide who will be the candidate for the ward Councillor. ANC 1 wanted the present Ward 1 Councillor, Phumzile Nocanda to retain his office whereas ANC 2 insisted Nocanda will have to leave and make-way for Athini Mtseki who is as well campaigning to be the next Ward Councillor.

Thus, ANC 1 and ANC 2 battled it out. It was a fierce battle fought with rocks, metals, furniture and petrol bombs. Houses were set ablaze and the police had to block the road leading to Kokstad, turning away motorists so as to protect them from the battling ANC members.

Commenting, Kokstad police spokesperson Lieutenant Dumisani Ncongo, disclosed that aside vandalizing police vans and assaulting officers, the battle saw a house petrol-bombed.

With the above emerged another report that some peevish ANC members in Tshwane vandalized the party’s regional office in Arcadia demanding the removal of the party’s leadership in the area.

They reportedly sang and danced as they destroyed their office stating that have been sending queries to the office and have been consistently let down as nothing ever materializes from the promises made to them.

The ANC Tshwane spokesperson Teboho Joala, as expected, condemned the vandalism stressing that the ANC will investigate if the culprits were indeed ANC members.  To him, the vandalism is “outside the behavioral pattern of any member of the ANC.”

A disciplined member of the ANC can’t damage property, or burn the T-shirt, or undermine the ANC itself by tarnishing its regional office,” Joala argued.

He stated that it’s only the conference the party will hold in 2017 that can replace the current leadership, and lamented that “It is quite regrettable that people can go to the extent of undermining the organisation they claim to be defending.”

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