ANC Mayors Are Zumas; DA Taunts ANC To Declare Mayoral Candidates 


“Just like Jacob Zuma, ANC Mayors seemingly have a blank cheque to misspend public money to the tune of millions,” opposition party, DA said, taunting the ruling party to name its mayoral candidates and to quit shielding them from public scrutiny.

Citing information from the national government which showed that that the largest ANC metros have wasted almost ‘R20 billion in unauthorized, irregular and wasteful expenditure since 2011’; DA argued that voters in South Africa deserve to know who the ANC’s mayoral candidates are. And who in the ANC will take responsibility for fixing the mess they have left our cities in.

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“Considering its disastrous track record in governance, in the Metros of Nelson Mandela Bay, Tshwane, Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni, it appears the ANC has not been confident enough to put candidates up who will have to defend their record.

Could it be that the ANC is afraid to defend its track-record in government?” DA asked as it called on Gwede Mantashe to commit the ANC’s candidates to a series of public debates with them.

“While voters deserve absolute openness and honesty, for too long the ANC has hidden the truth of who its Mayoral Candidates are. We now challenge the ANC to name its candidates publicly without delay.

Reveal your candidates and let us debate and contest for our records in government and our plans for the future of the battleground Metros,” DA charged.

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The party explained that they’re calling for the public debates to offer the ruling party the opportunity to defend its governance record.

They said: “after 22 years in local government, the ANC has much in this election to explain to voters, including massive service delivery failures, financial mismanagement, corruption and unemployment.”

Above all, the opposition party believes the elections in the battleground Metros is “a two-horse-race”, and that only the DA can defeat the ANC.

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