ANC Mass Protest Against The Judiciary: 3 Things We Know So far


ANC Mass Protest: Have you ever thought about the outrageous rate of public protest in the country, especially since 2014?

Do you know that South Africa has been dubbed “the protest capital of the world”, with one of the highest rates of public protests in the world?

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Do you know that over 2 million South Africans have taken to the streets in protest since 2008 in mass rebellion? From service delivery to political matters, court rulings, and all whatnot, South Africans barely think twice about hitting the streets to show off their anger.

The judiciary, in recent time, has not really been the ‘victim’ – owing to most outstanding judgments slapped against the present government, perceived as the worst ever.

We all are aware that the judiciary is the last hope of the common man. Like most people argued, the South African judiciary has been sensible, shrewd, beneficial and faithful.

Perhaps, this accounts for why Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng was recently elected the president of the African Judicial Congress (AJC).

Regardless of all these, the African National Congress (ANC) is planning a mass action against the judiciary. Although most people consider their plan weird, we won’t let you go without letting you know three (3) facts we know about the much-anticipated march.

The Mass Action Is Being Planned By The ANC In KwaZulu-Natal Province

While the ANC in KZN argued that they are not organizing the mass action in protection of South Africa’s embattled president, it won’t be unfair if one thinks otherwise, considering the fact that President Jacob Zuma is from KwaZulu-Natal – Nkandla to be precise – where he enjoys maximum supports of his kinsmen.

ANC mass protest

The Purpose Of the Protest Is To Cry Out Against The Increasing Encroachment On Political And Executive Matters By The Judiciary

According to the provincial leadership, the judiciary has not been fair enough to the present administration and has continued to impinge on political and executive matters.

KwaZulu-Natal ANC spokesman Mdumiseni Ntuli told a media briefing that the judiciary has been playing executive roles, adding that it is only in SA that the judiciary rules on executive matters.

He described it as pathetic and dangerous, saying the march hopes to put an end to the overstretching of the judiciary mandate.

The ANC members blamed opposition parties for using the courts to fight the ANC government in revenge of their lost at the polls.

The Mass Action Will Hold On Monday, May 15

A statement issued by the ANC KZN says the much-anticipated march will take place on Monday‚ May 15. The date was picked following provincial executive committee (PEC) meeting.

It is pertinent to note that on the same day [May 15], the Constitutional Court would be hearing and delivering judgment on a secret ballot for the vote of no confidence in President Zuma, tabled by the United Democratic Alliance.

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The motion of no confidence in Zuma was brought to Parliament by the Democratic Alliance (DA) after the shock of Zuma’s recent cabinet reshuffle. It was tabled in terms of Section 102 of the Constitution.