ANC Maintains ‘Confidence’ In Zuma In The Face Of State Capture Saga


The popular idiom that says “we can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” could be seen playing out in the case of the African National Congress which after all Zuma’s faults, still pledge their support and confidence in Zuma as SA president.

Hours after the state capture report was released, the African National Congress (ANC) reiterates its confidence in Zuma in the face of what it referred to as unavoidable trials.

Party spokesman Zizi Kodwa said this adding that though the party acknowledged Zuma’s wrongs and the series of court decisions against him, the party would not turn its back on him.

“We have full confidence in Zuma as the president. There is nowhere in the report in the remedial action where it suggests that the ANC must not have confidence in the president … we must deal with factual issues in the report‚” Kodwa said

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Speaking on the recently released report on state capture which had Zuma as the major link to the influential Gupta family, Kodwa said the report did not recommend that the party remove its president.

The report suggests Zuma acted unethically in handling matters relating to alleged state capture by the Gupta family.

In reply to this, Kodwa said the ANC would study the report carefully before coming to a conclusion.

Meanwhile, former President Thabo Mbeki has issued yet another warning to Zuma urging him not to neglect the ruling party’s eminent leaders.

In his official letter to President Zuma, Mbeki pleaded with him to have talks with the 101 African National Congress veterans who have publicly expressed concerns about his leadership and the direction the country is taking.

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Mbeki wrote to Zuma in his capacity as ANC president appealing with him not to ignore the veterans who expressed their profound frustration with the ANC head office team at Luthuli House‚ saying their attempts to speak to him had been ignored and that secretary-general Gwede Mantashe’s office showed no urgency in addressing their concerns.

Mbeki warned Zuma that it would be against the traditions of the ANC to ignore the veterans‚ as the party’s leadership had a long history of engaging dissatisfied members in the interest of resolving its political problems.

“As you‚ Comrade President‚ will have done‚ I have gone through the names of the 101 veterans who supported the press release in question.

“Like you‚ I have been struck by the reality that this collective of 101 veterans represents a very senior‚ outstanding and historic echelon of the leadership of the ANC and the national democratic revolution… It is made up of cadres of the ANC… whose involvement in our all-round struggle spans a period of over 60 years‚” Mbeki wrote.

“To put this matter frankly‚ which I know you will understand‚ it is perfectly obvious that very many among the 101 veterans are in fact eminently politically very senior to many who currently serve as members of the ANC NEC,” he added as he maintained that Zuma should among other serious issues surrounding him, listen to the party veterans for the sake of the party’s future.

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