According To Zuma, ANC Used To Be A Major Party That Made Mandela Great


In an interview with CCTV, a Chinese television service, President Zuma asserted that the ANC used to be the major party which made Nelson Mandela great.

CCTV interviewed Zuma as part of it’s coverage of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China.

Mr President was queried on issues ranging from the highlights of the G20 summit to the industrialization of Africa, South Africa’s economy, the ANC and Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

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Responding to what the most important part of Mandela’s legacy is, and the implication for politicians, Zuma declared that it is imperative to acknowledge that the ANC made Mandela great.

“President Mandela was made by the ANC to be great. That is very important to know,” stated the President.

With that, he argued that the ANC is much more important.

“It is the ANC that is much much much important to many of us, including President Mandela. He was part of shaping the policies of the ANC and the ANC has not changed policy. So its leaders will always be there.

But times are moving and Mandela’s legacy will always be remembered… We are sticking to what Mandela practiced as the policy he believed in…

So, we are the organisation of Mandela. We are using the lessons from Mandela to run the organisation, to run the country.

We think of Mandela as our leader who gave to us the lessons within the ANC framework and we stick to them…,” Zuma butressed.

Thereafter, President Zuma was asked to comment on the dramatic changes that comes with the demands for quality political leadership and its implication for the ANC.

To that, he said: “ANC used to be a major party. It means we have reached a point where democracy is now taking another kind of turn.

The ANC then has to say, how do we handle this situation as a big party in the question of coalitions.

We must now begin to plan and factor in the issue of coalitions when we go for elections. That’s what it is all about. (It) is a maturing of democracy.”

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Mr President also remarked that his government has created a lot of jobs and, is working hard to boost investments.

Below is the footage for the interview.

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