ANC Is On The Front Line Of Politically-Linked Deaths And Violence In SA


Could imposition of candidates on communities be the primary reason of many politically-linked deaths in ANC?

Are there skeletons in the ruling party’s cupboard unknown South Africans?

No doubt, politics is not a smooth-ride career and without mincing words, elections in most countries have never been void of brutality, deaths, violence and what have you.

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Positing that elections in South Africa, in recent times, have not been characterized by barbaric killings and ferocious assassinations is being far from the truth.

A recent survey by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) on public violence has indicated that in most of the 100 political attacks in the country since 2013, the ANC is involved.

The institution also found that KwaZulu-Natal has been the crime scene of most of these politically-linked deaths; with 44 attacks and 48 deaths.

Trailing behind Kwa-Zulu Natal is Gauteng; the province has so far recorded 18 attacks, out of which 6 led to death.

Behind Gauteng are Eastern Cape, Limpopo, the Western Cape, Mpumalanga, North West and the Northern Cape.

Meanwhile, the ISS, along with the manager for the crime and justice information hub, Lizette Lancaster said they will publish a comprehensive report on election-related violence later this week.

In addition, they disclosed that the survey will employ data captured from January 2013 to June 2016.

Reports indicate that a total of 12 ANC members have died in the latest killings – four in Pietermaritzburg, two in Newcastle and the rest from other parts of the province.

Politically-Linked Deaths In ANC

Among them was 35-year-old Thembi Mbongo‚ ANC candidate for Ward 6, Newcastle. She was shot dead in front of her husband and children on July 2.

ANC members Badedile Tshapha, 54, and Phetheni Ngubane, 50, were shot on June 8 on their way home from a branch general meeting in Imbali, Pietermaritzburg.

Former Mpofana municipality chief financial officer, Simo Mncwabe was killed in Edendale while taking his children to school.

ANC Edenale branch chairperson, Nathi Hlongwa, was also shot dead in Mbali township.

Ahead of the elections, many are not sidelining the facts that there may well be inter-party incidents and tensions in strongly contested areas; for example the ANC vs the IFP; the ANC vs independent candidates or the EFF.

However, it is disheartening that people are still being killed, despite nominations having been finalized.

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Sadly enough, a leaked report from the department of state security shows this year’s elections could be marred by theses political killings.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that a task team has been set up by Police Minister Nathi Nhleko; however, the police chief is yet to unveil progresses made so far.