ANC Leader In Hot Soup Over Alleged Rape Case


As confirmed by the police, a 33-year-old woman has opened a rape case against a prominent ANC leader in the Waterberg region of Limpopo.

Police confirmed that they were investigating a case of rape against the ANC leader though the man in question is yet to be arrested.

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Spokesman for the police, Lieutenant-Colonel Malesela Ledwaba complained that the investigating officer had not been getting the full cooperation of the complainant which makes it very difficult for them to gather enough information to assist in conducting proper investigations.

“As the police we can confirm that a woman has opened a case of rape against an ANC politician, but there are a lot of question marks,” Ledwaba said on Sunday.

He also added that the woman who opened a case of rape against the ANC leader a day after the incident, alleged that the incident happened at a lodge in Mokopane on April 6.

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However, a lot of anomalies surround the situation which has hindered further investigation. The woman seems to be holding back on relevant information that could aid the investigation and some of the information she provided were discovered to be false.

“The victim also gave us a Meadowlands (Soweto) address as her place of residence but we went there to find that she was not living there. We further requested her to meet us at a police station in that area but she would not cooperate. Her actions frustrate our investigations.

“There is nothing we can do to proceed with the case until such time that we meet with the complainant to get more details,” he said.

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