Remember This: ANC is Your Jesus And Orlando Stadium Is Your Mecca – Zuma Tells Supporters


The 105 birthday ceremony of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) has come and gone, but there are interesting things said by the party leaders that just won’t go away from our minds.

One of such is Zuma’s description of the ANC as the saviour of SA and Orlando stadium as Mecca where citizens must come to pray to ANC.

Zuma, who was speaking at his first public appearance of 2017, appealed to ANC supporters to embrace and appreciate the party history the same way they do to the Bible and Quran.

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He compared the ANC to the saviour of the world, Jesus Christ, and called on the party supporters to flock to Orlando Stadium on Sunday, in the same way Muslims travel to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

“This day is similar to the day when (Muslim) people go to Mecca. We often hear of people saying they are going to Mecca, in the Middle East. They always go there. This is our Mecca,” Zuma said on Friday at a party the organisation held at Vilakazi Street in Soweto ahead of the delivery of its annual January 8 statement.

In an unscripted speech, Zuma made several references to “Christ, the son of man” and the faith Christians have in his word.

“No matter what we do, we shouldn’t forget this day. Because this day is similar to the birth of the son of man … May the pastors agree,” Zuma said, while smiling.

“We believers never forget that, just like the son of man who came to wash away all of our sins, the birth of the ANC happened to free the people who were oppressed. We will never forget that, just like we don’t forget Christmas,” Zuma explained as he took turns in attending a series of door-to-door visits and blitz rallies held by the party’s top six leaders including deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa, treasurer general Zweli Mkhize and secretary general Gwede Mantashe.

“These things are the same, you can never separate them. The coming of the son to wash away our sins and the birth of the ANC to free people,” Zuma said in isiZulu, comparing the birth of the ANC to the birth of Jesus.

“We moved from Christmas, which is the birth of the son of man, to the Christmas of the [ANC],” the president added.

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He recalled the ANC’s history during the apartheid era,  appealed to ANC supporters never to stop appreciating the sacrifices of the ANC to the nation.

“This movement goes back a long way. It is important that we remind each other, don’t say I’m tired of hearing this … The ANC is something to be spoken about all the time.

“It’s just like the Bible, which we speak about every Sunday, but don’t complain that we always use the same Bible, let’s leave it. You see that these things are the same,” Zuma added.

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