ANC Plots To Sabotage The DA In Tshwane Through Illegal Land Grabs – Report


Latest report reveals that the African national Congress (ANC) is using land grabs in Tshwane to disrupt the smooth running of the new DA municipal government.

Timeslive newspaper revealed that no lesser than nine members of the ANC, including treasurer of the ANC Women’s League’s Nellmapius branch, have been roped in a ‘land-grab’ scheme.

In the land grabs scheme, Lands are offered to people for low amounts (R100), they would then be encouraged to set up informal homes on the land and when evicted, they are encouraged to return to the land.

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The Times investigated the scheme by having a journalist pose as a prospective land owner.

According to the report, ANC Women’s League member, Salome Tau, offered the journalist land for R100 and said: “The plan is to join the other shacks that have been there for years … By the time they realize there are new shacks, the municipality will have a challenge evicting people. Take your shack and R100. We have people there who will show you where to erect your shack.”

The paper also cited other independent sources who pointed to at least 9 other ANC members who are on the same land grabs business in the city, allocating lands for over 290 people.

Though Tau later denied any knowledge of the apparent land invasions and said her words were misconstrued, independent residents confirmed that ANC members, including Tau and three ANC branch executive committee in Nellmapius, were involved in the scheme.

The paper also  reported that a source in the ANC, who asked for anonymity for fear of victimization, said she was surprised to see familiar local senior ANC faces taking money from people for a piece of land when she tried to get land for her brother.

“What is happening is a political game at the expense of poor people. The intention is to cause trouble for the new administration,” she said.

Times also discovered a receipt for R100 issued to another prospective resident. The unsigned receipt shows that she was allocated plot No018.

“An ANC branch executive committee member I know very well was there when I paid the money. He said they were running the programme as concerned community members,” she said.

You can read the full Times investigation here: ‘ANC land-grab plot’ to crash DA in Tshwane

This comes days after the newly elected mayor for the city Solly Msimanga laid criminal charges against senior officials from the previous ANC administration.

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Msimanga’s charges were related to two forensic reports, detailing corruption, fraud, and misuse of more than R90 million of public money in two projects of the City’s previous leadership: City Hall and the Mayoral Residence.

The mayor laid the charges against three high ranking officials of the previous administration, and three entities of local government, the political party said.