ANC Improved The Lives Of Black People – Giyani Entrepreneur


While some believe the AN has failed and is not worthy of their vote, a Giyani entrepreneur insists on casting his vote for the party as a proof of his loyalty.

The car wash owner whose name is Surprise Rangane, has called on South Africans not to turn their backs on the ruling party saying the party was responsible for many positive changes in the country especially the Limpopo town.

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“I’m going to vote for the ANC because since its inception and dawn of democracy they have been striving to improve the lives of black people,” the Giyani Entrepreneur, Rangane said as he continues to enumerate areas where changes has taken place.

“We now have street lights, tarred roads and people are employed.”

“This tarred road was not here, the street lights on the main roads were not here. I might not have street lights near my house but I know that my vote will contribute to them installing the lights there,”

“I want to see… increased street lights, tarring of roads in the inner streets and not just the main roads. I’m going to vote for the ANC because the party has brought in a lot of changes,” he said.

Admitting that much more is still yet undone, Rangane said these will be completed only when people confidently vote the ANC which has since the post apartheid era, led the country.

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The Giyani Entrepreneur said people should look at its track record and appreciate all that has been done over the last 20 years.

“I would tell the ones who say the party doesn’t deliver services to continue supporting it because it has a proven track record. Voting for new parties is risky because we don’t know what they will do once they get into power.

“Let’s continue voting for the ANC because here in Giyani there are job opportunities and people are now working. Before that, there was nothing and people were struggling. My brothers are now working and it’s all thanks to the ANC.” he said.

Rengene however said he needed assistance from government in installing a tap that will help his car wash business. He currently hires a car to fetch water with which to fill his JoJo tank.

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He praised the ANC for encouraging the unemployed youths become entrepreneurs. “I was unemployed before. I decided to open the car wash because the ANC encourages people to ‘Vuka Uzenzele’ [Stand up and do something for yourself],” he said