ANC Still Has ‘Truthful’ People Who Care About SA Future- Zuma


President Jacob Zuma raised a praise song for his party, the ANC, saying it is the only party in SA with good and truthful people.

Speaking at an event forming part of the ANC’s 105th-anniversary celebrations in KwaDukuza, KwaZulu-Natal, Zuma said the ANC has good people who are destined to take the country forward even as his time to go on pension draws near.

The ANC has good leaders who will take the party forward, said President Jacob Zuma, adding that the time for him to go on pension was near.

The president also reminded members and party supporters of a conversation between former party president Albert Luthuli and other leaders where they all agreed on the successful future of the party.

“I remember Luthuli at an ANC conference in Natal. He was the president of the ANC at the time and, after hearing Oliver Tambo, who was the deputy president, speaking, he said ‘even if we were to die now, we are confident that we have the right leaders to take the party forward.”

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Zuma also expressed confidence in the young ANC members who he said would continue the work started by the likes of Tambo and other great leaders in making sure the party’vision of improving the lives of ordinary South Africans is achieved. This will help the party to remain strong, he said.

“The road to prosperity is not easy and it requires men and women who are truthful and love the country and such people can only be found in the ANC,” he said, pointing out that the problems within the party is currently being fixed

“We have to work hard this year and ANC members must regain lost territories from opposition parties,” he said.

Meanwhile, deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, who was addressing a similar event in the Eastern Cape, said although great progress has been made since the ANC came into power in 1994, the party is yet to overcome poverty, hunger, disease, unemployment, illiteracy and inequality which still keeps the country hostage.

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He urged people to desist from talking publicly about their preferred presidential candidates, as a policy conference is still to be held ahead of the elective conference at the end of this year.

He also told members and supporters to remain honest enough to recognise that disunity, mistrust, ideological incoherence and organisational weakness was undermining the party’s ability to address the challenges confronting the people.

“Building the unity of the ANC and the alliance is, therefore, the most important and urgent task of the moment. At all levels of the organisation, in our leagues and even among some components of the alliance, leadership contests are accompanied by practices such as gatekeeping, vote buying, electoral fraud and even violence,” Ramaphosa said.

“We must acknowledge here that there are instances where internal ANC processes have been infiltrated by individuals and companies seeking preferential access to state business” he added as he noted that the divisions in the party are fuelled by relentless individuals competing for positions, influence and control over resources and this is the reality we are determined to change.

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