The ANC Has Forgotten How It Is To Be Poor – Khutsong Resident


A Khutsong resident in Carletonville has revealed he won’t be voting for the ruling African National Congress (ANC) in the coming local government elections.

He said the ruling ANC has forgotten “those it left at the bottom”

Speaking in a media interview with News24, a Khutsong resident Moeketsi Msiya condemned how the leaders of the ruling party have gotten so wealthy that they now neglect their responsibilities to poor citizens.

“The African National Congress has forgotten what poverty looks like because they are now living well”, he said

“The ANC only looks after themselves… If I vote for these people, they will forget about me,” the 37-year-old Khutsong resident said outside his home during a door-to-door campaign by the ANC.

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He said come August 3, he would not participate in the voting process as he has lost trust on all parties running for local government elections.

“I will only vote for someone who knows what it is to be poor, someone who knows what it is like to eat just plain pap and gravy for supper. I will only vote for someone who I know lives among the people and knows our struggles,” he said.

Moeketsi made this comment after the ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe visited his home as part of the party’s local government election campaign in Carletonville.

During his tour in the community, Mantashe received numerous complaints by resident who seems not to be happy with the ways they were uncared for.

Majority of the residents complained to Mantashe about the lack of a decent piping system in the area which often led to water bursts and drainage issues and the lack of job opportunities.

Msiya who was born and bred in Khutsong, described his community as it as a place which had no progress.

He said youths in that community dropped out of school and are addicted to nyaope and alcohol starting from 15 year because they had nothing motivating them to stay in school.

Small pools of stagnant water could be seen in or outside each house, with a stream of more water along the street rising, it seemed, from an underground pipe running down the street.

Residents also complained that at times the drainage issues would get so bad that the water being drained to the outside of people’s homes, often made its way back into their houses through blocked drains.

We were Raised In ANC

While the likes of Msiya vowed not to show their faces at the pooling boot in the coming elections, 62-year-old Mangiwe Ngcangcela among few others maintained not to leave the party because they grew up in it.

“We love the ANC and we will continue to vote for it, but this is what we live with. Look at it,” 62-year-old Mangiwe Ngcangcela told Mantashe.

“I am not going to leave the ANC, I was raised in it, no matter what. Whether these things get fixed or not, there is nothing I can do,” Ngcangcela said.

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She said even though her children often chided her for being faithful to the ruling party despite it not delivering basic services to her, she would not leave her home.