Did You Know ANC Has Been Harassing IEC Commissioners Since Election Losses?


While the DA asserted that the intimidation of IEC commissioners by the ANC requires urgent intervention, The EFF called on IEC leadership to report all the intimidation and threats to relevant officials.

That follows emerging reports which revealed that the ANC has been harassing and intimidating IEC commissioners after their losses at polls.

As learnt, senior officials of the ruling party, including Secretary General Gwede Mantashe and Deputy Secretary General Jesse Duarte are abusing senior IEC members, particularly its Deputy Chairperson Terry Tselane.

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Among other things, Tselane claimed that he is beign followed, photographed, and labelled an enemy by some ANC stalwarts after the August 3 polls.

Also, ANC verbally-attacked IEC for reducing the number of SADTU members who served as electoral officials during the elections.

As such, senior IEC officials expressed that the ANC now wants a “less independent IEC” due to the decline of its electoral fortunes.

Reacting to that, the EFF argued that the ruling party is emotionally questioning the integrity of the IEC because a substantial number of voters are refusing to vote for the party.

More-so, Malema’s party pointed out that a larger number of IEC officials are refusing to rig votes in favour of the ANC or any political party.

“The ANC must admit sooner than later that it’s political dominance is slowly but surely coming to an end. As a liberation movement that prides itself with dignity of principles, the ANC must start to prepare to hand over political power smoothly like it happened in the Metro Municipalities post-2016 Elections.

“The IEC is an independent body established by the constitution and all those who fought for South Africa’s constitutional democracy must respect these independent bodies. The IEC must also not be intimidated by the ANC, and should consistently stick to principle in delivering free and fair elections,” stated the EFF.

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Meanwhile, DA’s leader, Mmusi Maimane said he will be requesting a meeting with the senior leadership of the IEC to address the threats and make sure IEC remains independent and protected from malicious political interference.

“These bullying tactics are a plain attempt to exert more pressure and control over the IEC and intimidate IEC officials. (It) must be resisted. The IEC is crucial to our democracy and is one of the most sacred Chapter 9 institutions.

“If the IEC goes, our democracy goes. Therefore, its independence must be safeguarded at all costs,” Maimane remarked.