Anonymous Hackers Vow To Expose All SA Government’s Hidden Corruption


Some associates of anonymous hackers are fed up with the ways things are in Africa, the corruption, poverty, unemployment and all that. They have decided to help turn things around, and have informed that they will be using their computer tech whiz guys to circumvent security and break into every shady network and files of “corporations and governments that enable and perpetuate corruption on the African continent.”

The faceless hackers in what they tagged “Operation Africa” (#OpAfrica) listed the South African government in their “first target list” which includes other nations like Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan Governments.

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Detailing that Operation Africa is an ongoing efforts by many collaborating activists scheming to disassemble corporations and governments that power corruption in Africa, and thus “responsible for child abuse/labour as well as internet censorship within the continent and globally” the pack of hackers stated that they are “fighting alongside other operations such as OpNigeria and AnonymousSA to help free the continent from the plague of exploitation that has been occurring for centuries.”

According to them, the South African government like the other listed countries have allowed “atrocities go on making children go without proper education or healthcare, leaving their country in a position for further economic stunting and a lower quality of life for their people.”

Emphasizing that the ultimate aim of the cyber attacks are to tackle corruption for the betterment of the African continent, the statement argued that “corruption has been established on the African continent by native and foreign government/corporate entities and has continued for decades.

Widespread poverty, disease and famine have long gone ignored. Often these tribulations were perpetuated by those who were supposedly there to help. The United Nations being one of them.They have been involved in countless cases of rape, child abuse and murder in Bosnia, Haiti, the Central African Republic, the Ivory Coast, Somalia as well as many other African nations.”

It was as well revealed that there’s already an ongoing operation in South Africa. As gathered, “Operation Green Rights” is being operated by Anonymous SA, and has being warring against corporations that push “wholesale processed foods and exploit Africa as well as her people and resources.”

Anonymous SA as related, are “fighting corporate giants such as Dupont, Monsanto, South Africa Pannard Seed and Pioneer…These companies are all guilty of distributing GMOS throughout out the continent without considering the ecological impact, and they must be stopped from further damaging the delicate balance of African biodiversity.”

Pledging to war until Africans “are freed from the shackles of corruption and greed.” The associates of hackers stated thus; “We will not sleep. We will stop at nothing. We are Anonymous. They should have expected us.”

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