ANC Fooled Us All Again, The Party Thinks We Are Stupid – Writer


Just in case you haven’t noticed, the African National Congress (ANC) fooled us all, Gwede Mantashe thinks [we] are stupid, comes the words of a writer, Andriaan Basson referring to the latest NEC meeting report.

Describing Mantashe as a Poor sucker who has to communicate the once glorious liberation movement’s statements to the public on behalf of the party, the writer said the announcement made by the party secretary was a whitewash, another game played on the country.

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He said the ANC adopted Harry S. Truman’s – the 33rd president of the United States-  words – “if you can’t convince them, confuse them”.

“It’s simply unbelievable that the ANC, through Mantashe, could deal with the historic attempt to remove Zuma from within, led by Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom, in such a nonchalant way. Call it denialism or arrogance; no attempt was made by Mantashe to deal with the Zuma motion of no confidence vote in a substantial, truthful and transparent way,” Basson said, noting that the ANC chose to confuse SA by telling us all that all is well within the party.

“But let’s not be confused or stupid. Things will never be the same for Zuma and the ANC.

“There is a crack in the wall and no amount of Polyfilla can fix it up again. Until Saturday, the NEC has been Zuma’s safe space where he found refuge against the tides of Nkandlagate, Guptagate and Nenegate (pick your scandal).

“The NEC has cracked and they have Zuma’s number. It was unthinkable that Zuma could be recalled on this historic occasion where grown men and women rediscovered their backbones.

“This was just the start. But the floodgates have opened and December 2017 must feel awfully far for the man from Nxamalala,” he added.

He said Mantashe treated Hanekom’s motion as just another pedestrian discussion point on the NEC agenda and he failed to give full detail of the debate outcome.

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“The ANC’s troubles have just become bigger. And no amount of spin-doctoring from Mantashe or Jessie Duarte or Zuma about the “enemy” or the media or the opposition will paper over the cracks that have opened up at the Battle of St George’s,” Basson stated, speaking about the degenerated state of the ruling party.