ANC Factionalism Deepens: Members Vow To Make Life Unbearable For Zuma


ANC Factionalism has taken a turn for the worse with Zuma’s latest acts. While a group within the ANC celebrate and sing Zuma praises over his new decision in Cabinet reshuffle, a faction opposing his government reportedly said they would make life a living hell for Zuma.

With Zuma going ahead to fire his critics in his latest cabinet reshuffle, South Africans look forward to seeing what members of the ruling party collectively do to show its not in support of their leader’s move.

However, M&G reported a faction of the group saying this week that they would make life unbearable for Zuma if he pushes ahead with his plans to axe Gordhan which he apparently did.

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It’s no longer news across South Africa that Zuma has finally exercised his political prowess by laying off all his critics and those assumed to be blocking his moves towards capturing the treasury.

South Africans, including top ANC members reacted negatively to the move airing out their utmost anger and disapproval of the massive axing.

ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe on Friday said the ruling party is not in support of the move first because the party was not consulted before the move was taken.

Zuma did not consult ANC leaders about the changes to Cabinet, he only notified them of his decision. He said the reshuffle did not reflect the party’s wishes.

“We were given a list that was complete and my own view as the secretary general, I felt like this list has been developed somewhere else and it’s given to us to legitimize it,” Mantashe said on Talk Radio 702.

“And my own view is that I’m very uncomfortable because areas where ministers do not perform have not been touched. Ministers have been moved and the majority of them were good performing ministers. I’m very much uncomfortable with it.”

Similarly, the deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa joined to register his disapproval of the reshuffle saying Zuma did not deem it fit to involve him and the other top six in his plans.

“I raised my concern and objection on the removal of the minister of finance largely because he was being removed on the basis of an intelligence report that I believe had unsubstantiated allegations about the minister of finance and his deputy going to London to mobilize financial markets against our country,” Ramaphosa told journalists.

“Now that I find, totally, totally unacceptable. I told the president…that I would not agree with him on his reasoning to remove the minister of finance. I told him that I would articulate this publicly,” the deputy said pointing out that the move will not amount to his resignation as he would continue to serve the people.

Meanwhile, the anti-Zuma faction within the ANC vowed to join forces with opposition parties in Parliament and vote for a motion of no confidence in him.

This comes after the Economic Freedom Fighters and the Democratic Alliance on Thursday announced their plans to have Zuma removed as president.

The EFF leader Julius Malema filed papers with the Constitutional Court on Thursday, seeking an order to compel National Assembly speaker Baleka Mbete to either impeach Zuma or to take disciplinary action against him. While the DA said it has already written to Mbete informing her about its plans to table a motion of no confidence in Zuma in Parliament for what it termed his “reckless assault on the country’s economy”.

A group of more than 100 African National Congress (ANC) struggle stalwarts also expressed their concerns over President Jacob Zuma’s decision to reshuffle his Cabinet.

The group had on Friday, noted in a statement that it was worried that Zuma was sidelining the party when taking decisions about the affairs of the country.

The group also said they were worried about the economic turmoil caused by Zuma’s decision as it would negatively affect the economic market and would hurt the poor the most.


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“This is not about so-called white monopoly capital; the decline in the rand affects the value of every worker’s pension and can only negatively impact on the most vulnerable of our society due to its effect on the prices of basic goods.

“It also means our ability to invest in our children’s future becomes more expensive through the increases in the cost of government borrowing. Anyone who cares about our economy must express concern,” he said.

An ANC national working committee member, however, said the anti-Zuma faction would not consider resigning en masse as a first option but will stay back to complete their fight against Zuma in the cabinet.

However, the ANCYL reiterated its decision to defend Zuma as it supported his decision to remove Gordhan because, according to them, Gordhan gave himself a status of being a better comrade than others.

The league’s president Collen Maine insisted that Zuma needed to appoint someone who had the capacity to implement the radical economic transformation. The group said Zuma’s latest decision has restored their confidence in his leadership.