ANC Faces Fresh Split Threat


Increasingly, more South Africans are finding no reason to further identify themselves with the ruling party. Just last week, the party lost two of her members who are unwilling to return to the party even if they were given special offer. And currently, unhappy members of the party in Mpumalanga are working to form a civic organization that will better represent their interest in order to contest for the local government elections come 2016 if Luthuli House (ANC’s headquarters) fails to quickly intervene, address and provide satisfactory resolution to their dissatisfaction.

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The ANC aggrieved members are said to be enthusiastic about the new organization they’re to form following the provincial general council of the ANC ruling that David Mabuza should stay on as the provincial ANC chairperson for a third term after they formed they Save Mpumalanga ANC in protest against Mabuza who they accused of violating party processes by ostracizing those who disagrees with his convictions, and installing his allies in leadership positions from the branch to provincial executive committee level.

Sipho Monareng leader of Save Mpumalanga ANC hinted at the plan to form a parallel civic organization in a media conference last week. And reportedly responded that the parallel structures “will have the support of the owners of the ANC, which are the masses on the ground” when he was asked which upper ANC structure would recognize the organization to be formed. He added that the new group might have its own provincial congress and elect its leaders when the ANC congress gather to re-elect Mabuza again as chairperson.

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Speaking to City Press, two delegates who attended the Save Mpumalanga ANC meeting revealed that the disgruntled members planned to register the civic organization they’ll form with the name “Mpumalanga Residents Association” and focus on service-delivery issues. One of the delegates said “the view is that this group will contest the ANC in the elections unless the national executive committee does something about their grievances.”

Meanwhile, Isaiah Khoza, former Mbombela mayor and head of the safety and security department, who left ANC for EFF last week together-with Tseko Taabe reaffirmed the situation as he claimed to be part of the gathering that decided to form the “Mpumalanga Residents Association”. “I can confirm that decision was taken,” he said, “but I cannot be sure if it will still be implemented since I have left the ANC.”

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Also, City Press related that “the civic organisation will be the second splinter group from the ANC in Mpumalanga in four years. Before the 2012 local government elections, disgruntled ANC members in Bohlabela region (Bushbuckridge), formed the Bushbuckridge Residents Association.The association went on to win seven seats in the Bushbuckridge local municipality and in 2014 won one seat in the Mpumalanga legislature after the general elections.”

Much to the disappointment of the ruling party, most of the opposition parties today in South Africa broke off from ANC. The EFF, UDM, IFP, COPE, and PAC were once with the ANC. And like never,  South Africa’s ruling African National Congress is facing the greatest threat to its hold on power. The masses are no longer at ease with them, they’re being accused of calling for a fewer province in order to brace up the provinces they’ve lost to opposition, and the party itself recently decided to take strict actions against party members involved in corrupt practices. ANC is clearly losing its grip on South Africa.

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