ANC Expecting Mbeki To Blame The Ruling Party For Harsh Winter


“He likes giving speeches and he does it without doing research. Because of his desperation to demonize the ANC, he finds every fault including drought. Now that it’s winter he will blame the ANC.”

ANC’s spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa made the statement above while he was responding to Mbeki’s recent remarks about the affairs of the ANC.

Mbeki said there’s a hidden war raging within the ANC which will soon rage to the surface.

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He blamed the ruling party for the ongoing killings and attacks on ANC members in KZN. According to him, the unexplained axing of the former Premier, Senzo Mchunu stirred the killings.

“We have to follow the law and the Constitution. We cannot have personal preference.

The president is not elected by ANC but by parliament. Only parliament can remove the president of the country, otherwise we create the chaos.

We can see the precedent. The KZN  just removed a premier with no explanation given. If we don’t follow the Constitution, we end up with the situation starting to emerge in KZN,” Mbeki warned.

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Aside that, Mbeki referred to the Marikana evil and likened ANC to the apartheid National Party government. Marikana he said, proved that ANC can treat black South Africans the same way the apartheid government treated blacks.

“The importance of Marikana was that the ANC demonstrated that it could gun down its former supporters and there would be no uprising,” Mbeki argued.

Reacting, Kodwa dismissed Mbeki’s comment and described him as someone who would allege the silliest accusation against the ANC in his quest to present the party as the devil of South Africa.

Kodwa said; “he lives in his own world. Obviously he is detached from reality. One of the things we invite him to do is to ask people who know better.

His allegations are false, he thinks the struggle is inherited. Just because he is the brother of a member doesn’t mean we have an obligation to explain our decisions.

…Because of his desperation to demonize the ANC, he finds every fault including drought. Now that it’s winter he will blame the ANC” too.

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Meanwhlie, Moeletsi Mbeki’s brother, ex-South African President Thabo Mbeki is celebrating his 74th birthday today.

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